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2008-10-21 18:20:54 by littlekidjon

Well i have finally decided to start making some games, not that they are any good and one of them isn't completed, but i feel like i have acomplished something. Also hopefully, i will think of something good and will be able to create it...well...maybe. Will have to see!

Just thought i would write how excited i am about it all...*cough*...yay...


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2008-10-21 19:37:48

I am a boy who loves girls and will do anything to be respected.I will bring love and justice to the world.Beleive It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

littlekidjon responds:

WTF?! ajgourlie, you have issues...


2008-10-22 02:26:49

LOL What a douche-bag